The Leuca marina is nestled in the bay between Punta Ristola, the furthest reach of Puglia, and Punta Meliso, and it is surrounded by numerous beautiful 19th century villas, that once belonged to the local nobility who would spend the summer season here.

The marina is situated near to the monument to the Acquedotto Pugliese water network that serves to mark the end point of this great civil engineering feat.

At the bottom of a double ramp of stairs that wind their way down the hillside alongside the monumental cascade, and that end at the bottom of the hill, there is a small square with a monolithic roman column.

The Marina is delimited by a sea wall with three sections and internal quayside, that has a perpendicular wall 200 metres from its furthermost tip, and the opposite quay.

On the northern part of the quayside there are some floating pontoons. At the end of the harbor are moored boats of local fishermen in transit you can moor in the docks to the left, entering the second indication of the Direction of the harbor. Within the harbor is guaranteed mooring assistance; the direction of the port responds on VHF channel 12; There are all facilities, water intakes and electricity, sewage suction points, collection points, waste and special waste (oils and batteries), weather service, two travel lift 60T and 100T; you can make repairs to fiberglass or wood hulls, engines, aircraft equipment. The fuel distributor is located on the quay breakwater, immediately on the left as you enter the port.